Sunday, 6 October 2013

A Spy In The House (TA1) -YSL ****


Title: A spy in the house.

Author: Lee, Y.S.

Rating: 4.5/5

Genre: Detective.

Cover rating: 4/5.

In a nut shell, I really liked this book for a lot of reason. Its a clean lit, so you can read this too younger people, or just if you want to escape the whole drama of chick lit. Its well written, but its in the POV of two separate people and I really liked them both, even if the romance left you wanting more, because there really wasn't enough!! Not to keep anyone satisfied that is, c'mon more!

The characters; I liked these people, they were fun to read about, but I did want to know more!

Plot: Often in books set in a different place the lingo isn't right, for instance, someone from Canada writing speech for an British person, that annoys me because I'm British and i DO NOT say words that are stereotypical, and usually I never had heard words that are 'British,' but this book isn't like that, this book is accurate, and it helps seems I read somewhere that the author lived in London for a while, which is where this book is set.  But end of rant, this plot is original, and swoon worthy at times, I wanted to see her love interest develop more, but it didn't, which was a little bit of a let down. Honestly, I did find myself a little lost at times, but overall, this is a very good read!!!!!!!!!

So this book is good, I know that, but I really wish more people knew about it, so shame really.

Spoilers: Mary Quinn  attended Miss Scrimshaw’s Academy for Girls which is a cover building for what is known as The Agency. But 17 year old Mary, goes undercover as  a lady’s companion to worm her way in to a rich merchant’s home to find out what happened to some missing cargo ships.

Note: Recommended for anyone!!

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