Tuesday, 8 October 2013

The set up- SM ***

Title: The set up.

Author: Mckenzie, Sophie.

Rating: 3/5

Cover rating: 3/5.

In a nut shell, I didn't really eat this book is, it's predictable. I didn't like the romance, and I thought this would be something else, not a SyFi take on genetics.

The characters, I liked the characters, Dylan was my favourite, and honestly I liked Edward, but the main characters, Nico and Ketty were weak, and actually as interesting as a wet mop.

The plot: the plot was ok, I've read better, and it was predictable and boring in places, but occasionally it picked up, even if the person you were supposed to hate ends up as the 'hero' or whatever.

So this book is ok, I mean, it's ok. Just ok.

Spoilers: 4 kids, all genetically altered can do some strange and weird things, but when they're recruited, someone has some answers to the questions they ask.

Notes: not what you might expect.         

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