Monday, 7 October 2013

Wakefield- EC & THG ***

Title: Wakefield.

Authors: Callahan, Erin, Gardner, Troy H.

Rating: 3.5/5

Cover rating: 3.5/5

In a nut shell, this book scared me. I'll be honest, like really honest, i've spent time in psychiatric care, which is why this book scared me, it was like seeing part of my life in a novel that I didn't ever want to see again. That's maybe why this book worried me a little and why the book isn't any higher than a 3.5*. But if you're not delicate like I am, this is an ok read!

Characters: Astrid Chalke and Max Fisher, teens, are sent to "a residential and educational facility" which is like something from a nightmare. I really felt for Astrid, I think she's a complex, and deep character, and I wanted to know so much more about her, but unfortunately I didn't. Max was a little bit weaker as a character, but I still liked him, he seemed like the type of character that was about to suddenly jump in to the spot light and steal the show.

Plot: Like I said, I have a history with 'health care' and I think this book really addresses it realistically. Honestly, really realistically, if a character had said "OMG I CAN FLY, look, look, I knew I was a bird!" and jumped from a window, BAM I would have been 14 again and reliving my early teens from a memory that I really shouldn't have. But this book is something new, and its something exciting. I really liked how Astrid and Max got on, and how well they work as a pair. I think they're the next batman and robin, or Batman and Bat woman, or whatever... ok reliving another memory there, but its true, I think they work well together. The dreams and POV's are well described, I liked how it wasn't just all about one person, that's one thing I really enjoyed, and in the end I came to like this book, but I wouldn't recommend reading it in the dark.  

So yeah, its a good book, i'm just sensitive. A lot of drama, though, I felt like I was at school occasionally, but that's a teen thing, so the authors really got that down right- Teens+Drama= Ordinary. This book needed a little ordinary, so it helped the story.

Spoilers: Astrid Chalke and Max Fisher  meet and become friends at Wakefield a residential place  for teens. Astrid has problems with her roommate, and Max has to put up with a bully, who, might I say, is the classic bully, that I really wouldn't want to meet... anywhere. But Max and Astrid feel a strong connection. They meet someone called Teddy, who seems to be unstable at first, claiming he can do all sorts of unexplainable things. No one believes him until Max starts to have weird dreams.

Notes: Happy reading, dearies!!

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