Sunday, 6 October 2013

Jumping Off Swings- JK ****


Title: Jumping off swings.

Author: Knowles, Jo.

Rating: 3.9/5

Genre: Real life.

Cover rating: 3/5.

In a nut shell, This book is weird, but its wonderful. I really got to know the people, and there situations, and this whole book is told by 4 different people. I enjoyed it, even if I did think... "Whoa, what even is this I'm reading right now" and "OMG THIS BOOK SO GOOD!"

Characters: Well, the four main characters are slightly odd. I didn't really like the main girl, Ellie, she wasn't open enough to the reader, and she didn't really make me think "Wow, I feel so sorry for this girl." Because I didn't, i don't know if i should have or not, but i didn't, and that made me sad.
Josh- I hated him. Pure hate for this boy. Yes, boy, he's an idiot, or as better well put- Douche. He's probably very close to an actual teenage lad, but I just hated him, all round, and that didn't help the reading any, he got what he deserved.
Caleb,  I loved him!  I actually loved him. He's sweet and kind, and does everything for anyone, he just takes everything in his stride and these people mess him about so much,  I think he needed a time out, a break, people to love him more.
Corrie, she's nice, understand, she tries to help Ellie but Ellie is just one of those people, Ellie doesn't deserve Corrie, that's all I'm going to say.

The plot, the plot, what can i say about the plot... well its good. I really liked how the story developed and the decisions these teens had to make. The ending was sad actually, really sad. I thought "Aww bless," But then again I also thought "Karma, yeah, Karma."

So this book is good, its weird, but its good. I liked it, and I think that it takes a few reads to get used to it, because of how its written.

Spoilers: Ellie and eager virgin Josh end up in the backseat of his van at a party.But their "one-time thing" is far from satisfying, and it isn't really what either one of them expected. Ellie gets pregnant, Josh is screwed, he doesn't expect his actions to have consequences. Caleb and Corinne, best friends to both teens, have to deal with them both, and themselves, because Caleb has a crush on Ellie, and has for a very long time. Ellie decides on an abortion but she doesn't go through with it, adoption is her only choice. Through this whole thing, Corrie and Caleb come together, which is sweet.

Note: Not for young readers!!

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