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The Gift of Charms (The Land of Dragor,#1) Julia Suzuki *****

12389247Land of Dragor series: The Gft of Charms.
Author: Julia Suzuki.

What an amazing start to the Land Of Dragor series! High praise from me indeed!

The Gift of Charms is a meaningful and enigmatic story which is defiantly one to watch.
Throughout the story there are plot twists, exciting scenes, extremely well written description and above all, a fantastic plot. 

The chapters aren’t too long and the writing is gripping, throughout I found myself not needing to flip back a couple of pages for clarification. It’s easy to follow and the characters are dynamic enough to be really realistic.
I adored that the humans take a backseat in the Land Of Dragor series, showing the Dragons as the protagonists.

Through the journey I found myself being sucked in to the story and often I felt as I were there with these characters—the dragons, feeling their emotions and situation.
This is one of the reasons this books stands out, because not only are these Dragons living there life’s as human children would, but they’re also undergoing the same life situations—like school. 

The characters, such as Yoshiko, reflects many young children’s personalities. He has the flaws, he has the diversity of self-consciousness, and not only that, but he shows that everyone is capable of overcoming pretty much everything.
It’s an inspirational piece of writing and epic novel of adventure and suspense, life lessons, light humour, and child proof writing—all delivered perfectly.  
Julia Suzuki managed to keep it so insanely out there, and yet, keep it real, which I applaud greatly.
I recommend this story, to not only children, but adults too, because there are many levels to this story: Such as showing anyone—including fantasy characters and childhood hero’s such as dragons, can overcome life pressures, but that really, nothing can, and should, hold you back from your destiny and what you want to do.

This is defiantly one to watch—4.5 stars from me, for creativity, fantastic writing, and the ability to keep even me with the attention span of a goldfish hooked. 

Synopsis: This epic novel, first in the Land of Dragor series transports the reader to the magical Land of Dragor, where seven dragon clans live hidden from man having beaten off the evil dragsaur beasts. Their great wars with the humans are over and the dragons live peacefully among the smoking mud pools and around The Fire Which Must Never Go Out, but the terrible years when they were enslaved by humans have left a lasting scar and they are told they can never soar above the mountains and leave their safe haven to explore the outside world.
There is unease in the air of their mist-filled valley, and the coming of a strange egg heralds a new era. Unlike the normal delicate lilac, this shell is multi-coloured like the contents of a treasure chest. The newborn hatchling is called Yoshiko, but he is immediately treated with suspicion by the elders, and is lucky to survive. The last time a coloured egg was laid, legendary warrior leader Surion was born from a red shell, and with his gift of fire the dragons went to battle with the humans. Will Yoshiko bring a blessing to the clans, or a curse? Could Dragor be about to meet its saviour, or its destroyer?
Chameleon-like Yoshiko is bullied and tormented as he grows up, taunted at fire school as he struggles to produce a jet of flame. Desperate to hide his colour changes, he flees from school one day and finds himself on the fabled mountain of Cattlewick Cave, home to the mysterious and reclusive elder Guya. This chance meeting changes Yoshiko’s life, and as he develops from hatchling to youngling, he is inspired to spread his wings and venture outside Dragor. He returns with magic gifts – but only time will tell if they heal or harm Dragor.

(I received a copy of this book for an honest review.)   ( I also really want to be a dragon now...)      

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