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Haidji- SG- Interview.

This interview is with author, Haidji, author of the SG- SUICIDE GAMES (and many more)
() Published 2013!

So, hi to Haidji! What first inspired you to begin writing? I write almost all the time, or I paint, what is just another way to write stories.
Everything inspires me, but inspiration can come from a certain moment, a dream, an idea,
inspiration do not comes always from the same source, but it is always there.

Wow! Do you have anyone in your life who inspired you the most to write your stories? No.

18274899Why SG-Suicide games? Was it always something you wanted to write? SG- Suicide Game is based in a dream I had.
I woke up and fell asleep this night several times (scared) and the dream continued until the end of the story.
As I finally woke up in the morning, still scared, I though: "What the hell what that?"
The next thought was:
"Write a book about it"
And I started to write the book. It took years.

Wow, so quiet a lengthy project then! Do write your first drafts on paper, or a computer? Which do you prefer and why? Both, but I prefer paper and a real fountain pen that I have always with me, I cannot explain why, it is just like it is. I like the ink color and to draw the letters and words.
I write suddenly where ever I am, where ever I can, in my notebook, or if I don't have it with me, newspapers or napkins are good too.

I like the way you think there! So, what do you enjoy the most about the creative process? I enjoy all parts of the process. But to see the story the first time, To see the initial thought
turning into a kind of movie inside my mind, to feel the story is probably the most intense and beautiful part.
It did not always turned into a dream, or an image sometimes it is a song, few words, a character, an idea that appear suddenly while I contemplate things around me.

Interesting! So, if you could be any character you've created, who would you be, and why? Myself, my life is a Fairy Tale :) it was a joke, I would say, it depends of the moment.

Haha, one of the best answers I've had I think! IBut on the topic of characters, if you could be any character you haven't created, who would that be and why? Probably Gandalf in "The lord of the rings" or a kind of curious, romantic,courageous, stubborn,
(ops, determinate looks better) warrior princess.
Because they are magic and correct.

Wow, yes, I agree! Now, for a hard question: If you weren't a writer, what would you be? wouldn't be. All I do since I know myself if to tell stories in different mediums,
If I would not write, I would probably don't exist.
My soul would stop to breath and I would suffocate.

Wow that's deep! Thank's for sharing that!
Would you like to see your books ever come to life in the film world?
Yes. Would be nice to see if the movie would be like the dream, or the dream like the movie (if would be SG-Suicide Game)

When you were younger did you ever see yourself writing stories, or did you want to do something else?I write stories since I was 12 years old, It just happened.I wrote sone things before, poetry and poems, just words, small thoughts and texts.
I have a master in precious stones and jewellery design and painting, but also than, all I did was to tell stories with my work, it is like writing in a different medium than words. I was always writing and telling stories.

Really great to hear! Which is your favourite book of yours which you have written? And why? It is always the book I am writing at the moment because it is the one I am mostly involved with.
I am writing a new book..."Antipoda", that will be ready in about 2 or 3 years.
But next month I will publish a short tale that I wrote as I was a teenager.

I'm curious to that! What book was your favourite book/series when you were a child? How about now as an adult, has it changed? I like many different books, and this did not changed, I love to read almost everything.
I remember that I loved to read Shakespeare, Goethe, Kafka, Hermann Hesse, Goethe,Tolkien, Marion Zimmer Bradley, Jorge Amado, Fernando Pessoa, short Tales, and almost all books I could read from many authors, different ones, also History and Science books.
No it has not changed, I still love to read and almost about everything, from Science into Fiction.

Very cool! You have fantastic taste! So, how many, and which, languages do you speak? 1- German, 2- English, 3- Portuguese, 4- Italian, 5- Spanish, 6- Dutch (when I need to), 7-French (learning), 8- Arabic (starting to learn) ...Maybe one day I can speak 10 languages.

WOW, So, do you have any pets?

How about a favourite animal? Lion.

Powerful and majestic creature!So, what's the one thing you always carry around with you? It is not only one...
My fountain pen, my necklace with a star that I wear all the time and a bracelet that I also wear almost all the time too.

Any hobbies?cycling and skiing.

Favourite season? Autumn, when the world takes the colours of the sunrise.

Popular answer! Do you have a favourite smell?The fresh smell of the snow under the sun,
The first smell of flowers when Springs is arriving.
The smell of fresh washed hair with a preferred shampoo.
The smell of fresh bed lines when I am falling asleep.
The smell of certain kind of wood like cedar, actually the smell of a forest.
The smell of the night when the air is quiet in a starry night.
The smell of the wind when the tempest begin
The smell of the persons I love.
The smell of dreams inside the reality or the smell of reality inside of dreams.

Wow, very nice! You seem to live a very creative and sensual life style! Now, last question..
Where do you see yourself in 10 years time?
Painting a new story with words, colours or whatever medium I have at the moment.

Sounds great! Thank you Haidji for your time! Check out SG-Suicide games on my blog post: or here:

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