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Rising Fang by Anfal Khaliq           ** spoiler alert ** In a nut shell: I thought this book was pretty ok. I found that the paragraph's were nice and short, and that the chapters weren't so long that I'd fall asleep in the middle of a page (Which is awesome, right?) So I really applaud that.
I made a bunch of notes during this read so I could go in to detail, such as "Normal except that he has dyslexia."
I'm going to say that isn't as bad as my head makes it out. I guess I'm sensitive about that because c'mon, how many kids cry in front of an assembly because they can't read the word 'Accurate' Flash back. Poor eight year old me. ANYWAY, normal is a word that I hate. Normal defines nothing at all. I don't blame anyone for it, nor do I blame the writer or the story, I just felt like venting for a second there because I could. Sorry.

Ok, so also there is little detail. I'm the kind of person who likes detail because without detail there isn't anything at all. I like to build up a huge picture to work off and there's a lot of room for imagination in this story. Some of the grammar is off though, but its not like it attracts from the story, which I may add, is a good thing!

Ellie Paige. Bless her cotton wolf socks. I don't know, I like that that girl. I want to take her home and pet her. No pun intended there, obviously, but I thought she had an interesting voice and I was glad that we saw a couple of sides to her. I think she's interesting, but isn't scoring many cool points. Either way, she's believable, and I applaud that, too.
So there's a character called K. Not her full name, but I like the name K better, I think it suits her, so Anfal did a good job selecting that. I liked her throughout this, she seemed a little...drippy? at times, but I think that helped the development of Ellie.
Connor. Bless his heart. He really needs a chill pill, and Ellie needs to get as far away from that bad boy as possible. I mean he shaves? AND he has anger issues by the looks of it. But this makes him human (ignore the saying) and that really works, I think.
Oh, Kaz, by the way, the other "K" is really sarcastic. Sarcasm, is something that makes me laugh, so overall, Kaz makes me laugh. That is hard to do. I don't laugh. I'm like a stone with a brain. (A Stoain?)

Did I mention that there's a joke about JB being a girl? Yeah. There is. If there's a reason to cheer in this world, this is it. I don't know if Anfal is a JB fan, but who cares, that line had me nodding. "More applause"

Then there's the mention of Dr's and Shrinks. Another one of my weak points. They wanted to put this person on meds because she thought she was seeing Wolves. Well, she was seeing wolves. (lol?) But that seemed unrealistic seems they don't put people on meds on for hallucinations unless they're causing...concern.

WOLFSBANE! Don't know if I spelled that right, but that was a twist. It was an interesting twist. I'm not going to ruin that for you but it excited me a little. I mean, wold on wolfsbane? You can see the trouble a mile off, and again, I applause, because I didn't see that twist coming.


Oh Oh Oh, K and Jack fiasco! That's cool. You should check that out. interesting run away twist. No going to go in to that either, but you know, check that out.

Ok, I think I've said enough. I'm going to unramble that and give you a short version of the review.
Its good, its witty, its quick, its an interesting take on the wolf genre, and it shows us an insight in to the mind of a fourteen year old girl who has this issue of being a wolf. I'd say its a younger teen thing, but nevertheless, I'm excited to read #2. Bring it on, and I well done to Anfal for achieving the practically impossible task of making me appreciate wolf books.

So yeah, I'd recommend it.

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