Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Also Known As (Also Known As #1) RB ****

13132661Also known as by Robin Beway!

Rating: 4/5
Cover rating: 4/5
Overall opinion: This book is good!

In a nut shell: I loved this book! Not only is it fun and exciting but its actually really funny! Although after reading other series this story is a little weak but its full of action and humour and all things exciting! Honestly, I'm really glad I read this because overall it made a great read!

Characters: Ok Roux was cool, but a little OTT. Maggie was also cool but I thought she was nothing like Roux despite other characters opinions. Jesse Oliver didn't really match up this first description and I think he seemed a little out of place. The parents also weren't my favourite and I think that Angela was NOT a convincing brit. Take this from one--he was as British as a happy meal. But overall these characters bounce off each other and create a happy-go-lucky kind of group.

Plot: Original as it gets (Spoiler) What was with the I love you's? I mean, it was great, but I didn't buy the ending. It was kind of romantic too, not really in an epic OMG I am swooning kind of way, but a aww cute these guys remind me of my baby siblings kind of way. I didn't really think to myself "Aww, I want a relationship like that. Why has no one ever brought me a sugar ring"--I know right he did that, just no--and I mean why? Why didn't I feel like this? One simple reason--its a cute read but not an epic adventure.

Overall I'd recommend this to teenagers who really want a cute simple read that doesn't really challenge the mind. Its cute, honestly, and I've read it a couple times just to make sure I've made up my mind. This book isn't for everyone just for a fair warning, but please--don't just pass it by. Its worth it just to hear Maggie the main character try and fit in to secondary (High school-sorry I'm English) school.  Its worth it for that and the "haha's" that follow.

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