Saturday, 5 October 2013

The Flirting Game- SW ***


TITLE: The Flirting Game.

Author: Wilkinson, Stella.

Rating: 3/5.

Genre: Romance.

Cover rating: 3/5.

Review in a nut shell: I read this book not expecting a thing, that way, I couldn’t be disappointed. But I came to become interested, because its isn’t a bad book, it’s alright! I did skip a few pages because it got a little weird, but other than that, It was ok. There is a little bit of swearing- strong language- but it’s only every few chapters, and honestly, it didn’t really attract from the plot or the situations.

The characters: well, i didn’t really like them. I didn’t feel a connection, and I actually saw the main character as little bit of a wet fish, sorry. But I was confused at how these charters connected, and who was with who, and who was in to who, and what happened between them, I found it a little short, even for a novella.

The plot, it’s not completely original. I have honestly read some things like it, and I wasn’t really sure about some of the twists or teenage 'lingo.' But it’s enjoyable, that’s all that matters.

This book isn’t really funny, but it does have some humour, and I found myself flipping back a few pages to understand it, because there was an injoke I must have missed.

Spoilers: Eleanor Parkhurst finds herself trying to stop a boy named Nathaniel Naverly (who is a total player, and treats girls badly), from getting her cousin Rose, in to bed. Ellie, tries to stop him by making him fall for her, but it all backfires because he does, and she falls for him, which is bad because of his reputation. Nate ends up telling her he loves her in the end- out of the blue- and they live happily ever after, it’s weird, but believable.

So as I said, I liked it, I might even read it again, but perhaps pay more attention, and not end up getting confused.

Note: Happy reading!!

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