Tuesday, 4 February 2014

TKV- Elfiness. *****



I recieved a copy of this book for a short and honest review.

Its a cross genre, complex and inspirational story.
Goodreads says:
Back to her own self and kingdom,
Luella’s winning back her name
Securing her reign and freedom
With Derek, her re-found flame.

When things are looking up like never
And happiness is at her door,
The Elders want her, however,
Engaged in the impending war.

Can she refuse without facing
The consequences it may bring?
Will she be capable of tracing
The missing links she needs to win?

I'm going to start by saying what an amazingly structure story this is. Not only is it sophisticated but it's intellectual and fascinating and absolute pleausre to read.
Its written as a poem, all in differnt POV and it keeps you interested from the word go.
I really enjoyed reading it and most of my daily chores were interuped so I could finish it and see the outcome of these characters.
I definatly give this book, first of all a high five, but secondly a mahoosive pat on the back.
I really reccomend it for sophisticated readers who bore easily, because this'll keep you on toes.

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