Friday, 4 October 2013

Some Girls Are- CS. ****


Book Name: Some Girls Are.

Author: Summers, Courtney.

Genre: drama- Real life.

Rating: 4/5

Cover rating: 4/5

Review in a nut shell: I wasn’t' sure about this book. When I’d finished my thoughts were "what did I just read?" This isn’t a bad book, not at all, it’s actually really good, and really well written, but it’s just one of those books that makes you think, 'what even is this?' 'Why did they do that?' 'Why did they do this?' Know what I mean?

The characters, these people are generally really strange people. I'm not sure why I couldn't connect to the lead, maybe it’s because of how horrible she really is, I was really glad she got a taste of her own medicine.

The plot is original, it’s actually a really good plot, and I’m not surprised because Summers is a really good author. But the ending was strange, even for Summers, and the occasionally it was a little boring, but i just had to end it because its gripping!

This book is fun to read, a little rushed, perhaps, but it really made me think, even if I did leave me a bit depressed and all that. This book isn’t light or funny, it’s serious and it really brings my bitchy side out. I enjoyed it!

Spoilers: Regina Afton is a social ladder climber, and a well known student at Hallowell High. Regina's best friend, is queen bee, and she's the one calling the shots. But when Regina confines in a friend about her best friends boyfriend trying to rape her, a rumor goes around the school breaking up friendships, relationships and lives. Regina ends up getting a taste of her own medicine as she's bullied by the people she once called her friends, she learns about the mistakes she made and how a victim she bullied tried to commit suicide. Regina finds a friend, one she bullied previously, Michael Haydon, a misfit. Abuse gets worst and Regina has sone tough choices to make, and along the way friendships are created and the oast is forgotten, Regina gets her second chance.

Notes: This book is not for young readers.

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