Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Untouched- MG ****

Title: Untouched.

Author: Melody Grace.

Rating: 4/5

Genre: Romance/ Erotica.

Cover rating: 3/5

In a nut shell, I can't believe I read this book. Honestly,I have no idea why I started to read this, but I did, and shamefully, I kind of liked it.

Character: I'm going to start by saying Juliet was a fool for falling for Emerson Ray GAH.  I can't stand his character, self obsessed, self absorbed, whatever, it doesn't matter if he's trying to be a good influence on his family, but getting seriously hot and very heavy with a woman on his front porch isn't really role model. Its actually creepy, why the neighbour never complained I'll never know.

Plot: Ok, so romance. That's all this book is, and all its advertised as, so I didn't hope for anything other than what I got. It was ok, I mean, I'm not sure why all of a sudden this girl goes her entire teenage years abstaining from sex to suddenly getting down in the sand and handing it over to this bad boy she's only just met, but people change, and I guess she just decided it was time to become a slut. Sorry, Juliet, but I'm judging you dearie.
But the romance is good, I didn't buy the 'sort of breakup' but I was glad they got there happily ever after.

So this book is just wrong at times, but the rest of the other times its not wrong, its ok. Just only if you're really in to this kind of thing.

Spoilers: Juliet is in town for a short time only, and Emerson lays on her and wants her from the second he see's her. They go out on dates, and see different sides of each other, sharing stories and being there for one another, Juliet and Emerson fall for each other quickly, even though Emerson swore that would be the one thing he would never, ever do.

Notes: Not a bad story, just not my cuppa' tea, I recommend it to chick lit lovers. Oh, and FYI I didn't swoon once, impressive, or boring, I don't know.

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