Monday, 7 October 2013

Skellig- DA *****

Title: Skellig.

Author: Almond, David.

Rating: 5/5

In a nut shell, This book is such a great book. I was made to read it at school, and i just fell in love with it. I remember reading it in class, telling my friends to shut up because its getting interesting. I was devastated when the movie wrecked it, honestly, the book is better!! But yeah, this book is a work of genius!!!

Characters: I really liked these people, they're not to realistic, but they're fun, and I liked to hear what they had to think/say. I really hated Michael's parents though. Its was all about his new sister, his sister this, his sister that, i'm sorry son, you can't do this, you're sister will need it, whatever, whatever, whatever. So yeah, team Michael, all the way!!!!

Plot: The plot is something new. I wasn't a fan of fantasy until this, and it sparked off a love that goes deeper than my love for an exclamation mark or two!!! I think it goes a bit weak near the end, and I was sad to see Skellig go, but I loved the description. The bit about the bugs creeped me out, which is a good thing because I felt as if I was in the room with these people!

So this book is unique, doesn't have swearing on every page, and funny enough, its not teenage porn. So what is it? Great. Clean. Amazing. Yep, these words come to mind.

Spoilers: Michael and his family move to a new house, that's been empty for a very long time. Michael's mum is expecting a new baby and they have to clean up the house before it arrives. Michael explores and finds a man in the garden, a man who has more secrets than anyone.

Notes: I broke this book I read it that many times, it was just so good... maybe not everyone's cup of tea, but it was mine.

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