Sunday, 6 October 2013

Promise You Wont Tell? -JL ***


Title: Promise You Wont Tell.

Author: Locke, John.

Rating: 3/5.

Genre: Detective.

Cover rating: 2/5.

In a nut shell; I read this book, thinking that I wouldn't like it, and thinking it was another one of those 'erotica' things, but actually, this book isn't what you think. Its well written, but I wondered if the romance in it was part of the book from the beginning, because that bit is bad- sorry, but I wasn't buying it. The detective part though, that was amazing, it kept you guessing, until the end, which was a little bit of a let down.

Characters; I liked these characters, and I wasn't really sure of there intentions at some parts in this book, but I think that they're realistic, funny, and I would like to spend time with some of them- only some of them though, the others are a little bit horrible- read it if you want to know why...

The plot; Its ok, original, I wasn't really sure about the 'strawberry sticker' that sparked it all off, but looking past that, its a good plot. It kept me gripped, and wanted more! That's maybe why I was a little let down at the end, because it build up and built up to well... nothing. Other than some really bad things, that I wont even write in my blog because they're just shocking, unfortunately they happen in real life, and I read books to escape real life.

So this book is weird, but its good, which is high praise from me. I think that it would only appear to a small audience, and maybe it was just too far above my age.

Spoilers: Private Investigator Dani Ripper solves cases and problems.Riley Freeman, 17-year-old Honor student turns up at her office and asks for help. Before she turned up to a party she placed a tiny strawberry sticker you-know-where, and didn't tell anyone about it. She ends up drunk as anything, and passes out at the party, but by Monday morning, everyone knows about.

Notes: Not for young readers....!

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