Monday, 7 October 2013

My mum is a loser- BS ****

Title: My Mum Is A Loser.

Author: Loser, Barry.

Rating: 4/5.

Genre: Kids.

Cover rating: 3/5.

In a nut shell, this book wasn't what I was expecting.

Characters: Great creations, perhaps i'm just too old to appreciate younger kids books that make references to dog poo and snow, maybe it was that I had to read it 8 times in one night to the kid I was baby sitting who new every word, that kind of does it for you.

Plot; yeah that was good. The kids love it, that's all that matters. Even if I did have to explain Hailstones every time we read this, and how it was possible for chips to look like lightening. It can drive a girl to madness.

But the pictures were a little funnier, maybe its my dirty mind but on page 23 I had a laugh, even if they kids had no idea what i found so funny.

Spoilers: This book is about a kid, telling the story of his mum, and her tea towel.

Notes: This is a lot like diary of a wimpy kid, not as funny, but still pretty good! Well done, Loser. (Trying not to sound rude...)

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