Saturday, 5 October 2013

Marked (HON)- PC & KC **


Title: Marked.

Author: PC, Cast Kristin.

Rating: 2/5

Genre: Romance.

Cover rating: 4/5.

In a nut shell: This book is really dirty. Like really dirty. I'm used to sexual references, I make a few too many myself, but this takes the biscuit. Its a good book, when i first got it a friend told me "This is a great book, if you can get past the language and all that," she was right.

The Characters: I really liked the characters, like all of them. They're all nice,, and really fun to read about. Honestly, I think that these people would be alright to be around and actual life rather than just in a book, because I'd really to spend time with them.

The plot: Ok, this book is whole new take on the Vampire Genre, book this series is what put me off vampire books in general. Its a good plot, its new, its fun, its exciting, its action packed, its great, but the language and the teen talk- is not. First time I read this- it was good. The second- wow, was it really this dirty? The third- eww, ok I can't read this anymore!

So I think its ok, its not really "OMG FANGIRL!" ok, but it is ok. I think it just takes a little getting used to, because really its a good book, maybe not a great read, but its a good one.

Spoilers:Zoey Redbird is marked as a vampire by a tracker, and she has to run away from her difficult life and become a student at the House Of Night, a school populated by Vampires! Zoey is blessed by Nxy herself, and she's deemed special, attracting attention to herself. She soon falls for an older drams student Eric, and they're relationship is less than easy because Eric once dated the schools bitch, Aphrodite.

Notes: Not for young readers!!

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