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So in a nut shell, I thought this book jumped straight in to the action, the paragraphs were nice and short-generally perfect length, full of laughs, plot twists, teen drama, and a love triangle that went right.

So characters? Well first of all Ellie Paige. Who is the main character. In the last book, she seemed like the type of person who you'd take home and give milk too. This book, she came back stronger. Still, I can only see her as a little sister who needs a stern talking too about trusting people we shouldn't trust, but other than that, I thought she had something to offer in this story, other than being a main character. She's grown.
Kelly. Why is she so weird? I don't know. I wont go in to her all around personality because as a reader, she's a sub character, as an over analyser, she's untrustworthy. Like a whole new kind. And I don't like her at all.
Bella. How to describe Bella? I don't think I can. I don't think anyone except Ellie Paige can describe Bella. She's trouble. And if you need a reason to dislike the girl, there are plenty.

Ok, characters and plot rolled in to one.
Bella and Conner. If you've read the other book in the series, you know about Conner so I wont go in to him, either. But Bella and Conner? No. I was so glad when Ellie's folks tried to kick her out of the house. Read the book to find out why.

Ok, I've got to make a comment about Shay. Who is Shay? Don't ask, just don't. He's the one that cheats on girls. Which is confusing because he has the personally of a soggy shoe, I might of liked Bella a bit more if she'd have eaten him or something during a cooking class and stated she was sampling her food.

As you might be able to tell, there are a lot of characters to keep up with.

The plot? Great question. I actually don't know what the whole plot is about. Sure, its action packed, teenish drama, "this is so last season" comments that are clearly last season (See what I did there?)jealousy for a love interest (that's funny, actually) trouble, lots of trouble, and comments about Thicko's whatever one of those are, and family crisis'. But I kept getting confused to what was actually happening. I did get back on track again almost immediately after, and I think the whole confusion part might be on me.

There is a lot of drama though, girl drama, guy drama, friends drama, parents drama, drama lessons, drama pyjama's, drama drama. Love.

That's right folks, we have a love interest. Literally. Maybe I wasn't feeling the love connection which is why I didn't see this coming. But nevertheless, we have love drama.

He loves her she loves him and all.

Oh, and I should mention-he's a tough guy in the first book, at the end of this one-he CRIES! Actually, cryage. Whoa. I'd run. But El, she seems pretty ok with it.

Lastly there are some confusing grammar issues. "Crackling of a twig" "Me and Conner smiled at each other" "Me and Kate" and an over use of "Mum and Dad." But this isn't an issue, it doesn't effect the book, at all, so really there wasn't a point in me mentioning it.

Overall, I liked this book. It was something to keep me amused for a while and I thought that it was light, amusing, and had a couple of perks that made me keep reading on and on and on. So here's my backhanded compliment of a review.

But...remember people, "No werewolf survives alone."(

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