Saturday, 5 October 2013

In Love With My Best Friend- YG ****


Book: In love with my best friend.

Author:  Garcia, Yaritza.

Rating: 4/5

Type: Flashfiction.

Cover: 1/5

In a nut shell: I really enjoyed this piece, I went in to it thinking it was a girls POV but to find out it from a guys, I think that made the story even better. Its just shows how prejudice people are, and how quick we are to think about what we deem as 'normal' fiction, even when we are pro gay rights.

The characters: I liked them, a lot. I found out a few things about them, and in the end I thought how wonderful it was that he was going to tell his friend he loved him, even though he didn't! Which wasn't great, the ended could have been better which is why it isn't rated any higher!

The plot: Original! Very original, but short, very story.

So I wanted more, I wanted a novella- novel, and book, just more! Please Garcia, give us something?? Because i liked this story, Its something new, its something exciting!

Spoilers, so this character is in love with his best friend, he wants to tell him so much, but he can't because his best friend has an eye on another.

Note: This is a clean lit, so its recommended to anyone!!

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