Friday, 11 October 2013

An Ideal Boyfriend. - MIH ***

Title: An idea Boyfriend.

Author: Harrison, Mette Ivie.

Rating: 3/4

Cover rating: 3/4.

In a nut shell, I wasn’t sure what this book was about when i picked it up, but i should have guessed by the four leaf clover on the front- duh. It was ok, but i've read the play an Ideal Husband, and i'm not completely sold on the similarities. Maybe that was on purpose so it isnt all the same? Idk, but if '10 things i hate about you' can do it, why not?

Characters: They're ok. I mean, i liked Trudy, she's a bit simple occasionally weak, but i dont have anything against her.

Plot: This was weak. I finished it because I hate not finishing books, and honestly I wanted more. I wanted to know more, see more, learn more, about this weird "Luck" thing. I didnt really get it. I mean, i get confused with kids books, i'm a little bit of a numb skull at times, but i didnt get it, and i'm not the only one. Oh- and the blackmailing- i wanted a more! *Apologetic crime craving smile.*

So its a light read, something just to do when you're bored, or ill and have no concentration.

Good reads blerb: Based on the Oscar Wilde play and movie: An Ideal Husband

Trudy comes from a family without luck, but when she tests lucky, she leaves her home and enrols in St. James Academy for Luck, an exclusive school largely for children of old luck families. Out of place, she nonetheless becomes the girlfriend of Rob Chiltern, Student Body President. Everything should be great in her life until Rob's ex Laura appears and tries to blackmail him

Notes: Read it, go on, why not?


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