Sunday, 20 October 2013

So I'm a double threat- JP ****

Title: So I'm A Double Threat.

Author: Julie Prestsater

Rating: 4/5

Cover rating: 3/5.

In a nut shell: I really enjoyed this book. I've read a collection of JP books, mostly her adult series, and I was really excited to read her YA series! This book is all about Meg and her love octagon (lots of strings, lots of dilemmas) and I really enjoyed going on that journey with her! I hated like 50% of the characters, if I was supposed to or not, I still hated them from the word go, and Eric, please don't get me started on that dumb arse hole. Please. Ooo so much hate and it's only the nut shell, but hey, the book is really good, couldn't put it down.

Characters: like, like, like, hate. That's the order, I liked B.J (I know. I know. I know) I liked Anna (yep, I know) I liked Meg, didn't like her friend Keesh. I know right! But she's a little numb, and I really hated her dumb numb skull decisions. She doesn't deserve the friends she has!
Ok Alex, he's hot, yeah sure, but in not sure why people swooned so much over him. Sure, he had me smiling, sure he had me laughing, sure I've developed a little crush on the character, but no... No! No! No! Lead her on, have her the impression he wanted her, then BAM! Hey we can't be together cause I'm leaving. *sobs*
Plot: this is all romance, romance, heartbreak, shock, it has it a really. Honestly, I enjoyed it. That's all I'm going to say you'll have to read it for yourself.... 

Notes: sexy. Sexy. Sexy. This book is everything it should be. 

Good reads: Megan Miller, a freshman at Carver High and a Double Threat, the perfect combination of smart and popular. She's got the grades, she's got the friends, and she's got the connections. Freshman year should be a breeze, but it's not. How can it be when you have boys, boys and boys on the brain. And really only one in particular. Alex Aguilar...the boy of Meg's dreams. They met at a party and Meg's whole world shifted. The spark was there, there was no denying it. But could that spark lead to more? Can a Senior and Freshman really make a go of it no matter what kind of connection they share? Or will outside circumstances ruin not only Meg's Freshman year, but her chance at hooking the guy of her dreams. Being a Double Threat is supposed to make you special, but is it worth it if you don't get your crush?

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